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Welcome to CFM GROUP

CFM is a business intelligence group.

Our work consists of finding and processing specific information, protecting it due to its sensitivity, in order to help our clients make strategic decisions, win contracts, face threats, and manage crises.

Headquartered in Switzerland, we are active on all continents, especially in emerging countries.


Our teams are international and have significant collaborators with various professional experiences, including defense and intelligence, computer engineering, private investigation, journalism, corporate finance, consulting and auditing companies, academic research, or general management of multinational groups.

An operational culture focused on results.


Our capacity for research and action is based on an operational culture, rigorous methodology, strict security policy, and a dense network of correspondents. Therefore, we are able to quickly deploy a discreet and sensitive research system.

Through our rigorous analysis, specific recommendations, and operational support (influence or security measures), we accompany our clients until the success of their operations.

Protection and self-defense.


The sometimes critical sensitivity of the information we handle and our extensive knowledge of offensive modes of action lead us to develop security information strategies that combine protection and discretion for the needs of our missions, based on validated business practices and the most appropriate IT tools.

To assess information system vulnerabilities or conduct technical investigations, ensure company confidentiality, or implement personal defense strategies based on counterintelligence, our employees' operational experience and their mastery of information technology allow us to design quick and pragmatic solutions adapted to our clients' needs.

Discretion and loyalty.


CFM is a discreet and exclusive group. We choose loyalty to companies and, over time, we know exactly their needs and culture. In this way, our teams are fully dedicated to our clients, for whom we build networks and carry out sustainable operations.

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